Our PC Game Picks Advanced Aerial Warfare

How you choose the best tank warfare title for you depends on the kind of experience you’re looking for. Because not all tank and tank-related warfare games are created equal, you may not necessarily think that dedicated tank-warfare spectacular World of Tanks necessarily lives up to the hype, or agree that Battlefield 4 is either the greatest Battlefield/tank warfare game yet. This is because some people look for high-fidelity simulations and others for a more casual, arcade-level approach. Our top picks of tank warfare games hopes to offer you options to cover both of these bases.  

War Thunder

Our PC Game Picks Tank Warfare

If you’re after a warfare game that combines land-based, tank-heavy warfare with some noticeably decent aerial combat, then War Thunder is going to please you greatly. Though for the most part the aerial and tank warfare is separate, maps exist which allow both to take place in parallel. The tank warfare of the game can be enjoyed in various difficulties, with Arcade Mode being quite forgiving in terms of vehicle damage and physics and sim-level difficulties obviously being a little more punishing.

Though the aviation & tanks section of the War Thunder website lists them comprehensively, the selection of tanks and the countries they represent in the game is quite impressive. Sitting in various categories ranging from light tanks and heavy tanks to tank destroyers and even anti-aircraft guns, there are close to (at the time of writing) 100 different tanks to choose from.

The rich selection of tanks aside however, you must remember that even on the highest difficulty/realism setting, the tank warfare here is comparatively generic if you’re expecting World of Tanks-level detail. In this case, War Thunder should definitely be enjoyed by the more casual tank-warfare fan rather than those looking for a simulation.

World of Tanks

Our PC Game Picks Tank Warfare

The critically acclaimed World of Tanks is very likely going to appeal to the hard-core tank fans out there. Its staggering roster of armoured vehicles and anti-aircraft guns is in itself something to behold and a reason to try out the game, but real tank fans will come for the content yet stay for the strategic and immersive gameplay.

Authenticity is the one word which would be used if one had to use just one to represent the main bulk of this game’s appeal. Everything from the design of the maps and the realistic feel of the physics right down to the tiniest detail on each of the game’s unique, historically/physically-accurate tanks puts this game leagues ahead of rival tank-based titles. Games are largely played in an online multiplayer fashion, and it isn’t uncommon to become embroiled in battle after battle of epic tank warfare. There are six game modes to enjoy including team battles, stronghold battles, and tank-company battles.

World of Tanks definitely has the most impressive content of any tank game that currently exists as well. A ridiculous 390 different vehicles are available in all, each representing one of the major nations including the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, and the USSR. Rest assured that each tank’s performance in the game is modelled on its real-life attributes and specifications, and the sublime graphics exist to enhance the game almost immeasurably. This makes World of Tanks the most detailed and comprehensive tank sim in existence in comparison to the others out there covered at https://www.pcgamesn.com/best-tank-games, and it can be played for free on the official website.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

You won’t find a massive selection of tanks in Battlefield 4, but then again the game doesn’t ever claim to be overly concerned with dedicated massive swathes of the game to tank warfare. Instead, what you should expect is exciting tank sections that play out in true Battlefield 4 style, with the sublime graphics that come along with it. Instead, what you should expect is exciting tank sections that play out in true Battlefield 4 style, with the sublime graphics that come along with it.

The tank roster is, again, very short. You’ve got the M1 Abrams, T-90, Type 99, M1128, Sprut-SD, and the Levkov to experience, which is quite a barebones list compared to the other games in this article. The tank warfare in the game is best enjoyed on a multiplayer basis – some reviewers have even encouraged players to skip Battlefield 4’s single-player campaign entirely – where you can engage in matches that are arcade-level in their depth yet should appeal to casual warfare-game fans looking for some tank action.