Castle Items for Miniature Warfare Gaming

You can’t deny that miniatures gaming can become quite an expensive hobby. No matter how cheap you pick up a rule set for, there’s no avoiding the fact that many of these rule sets require quantities of miniatures that fall into the multiple dozens, even hundreds if you’re playing with three or four players. So if you’re going to spend your money, you want to do it wisely. As anyone with experience can attest to, investing in a good repertoire of castle pieces can make the difference between a great game experience and a sublime one, so why not have a browse through these fine castles and castle items – all 28mm scale unless explicitly stated otherwise - before deciding to make a purchase?

Larger Items

Castles to Go with Miniature Warfare

Let’s get the large items out of the way first, shall we? You’ll find that you can’t really build a proper castle unless you have one or two hefty pieces to build around. A prime example here would be a Tower House. If you look over at  the Tower House at Miniature Building Authority, you’ll need look no further for your central piece. Though it costs a wallet-busting $349, you can rest easy after the purchase knowing you’ll only need smaller parts from thereon in.

If the above tower house is a bit steep however, you could always consider building your castle around a Great Hall Building, or even opting for this drawbridge item as your central piece. The latter costs only $89.95 and is painted in fine detail. It is also one of the more dynamic pieces on this page, coming with removable floor, door, and portcullis as well as additional bridge sections for you to customise the look and function of the piece.

You’ll also find relatively large items such as a kitchen or the Lady’s Chapel on the Miniature Building Authority webpage. If you’re after a castle with a tower, you can also opt for the $69.95 model on the Miniature Building Authority website. If you wish for your castle to have underground areas such as the Tavern Cellar ($74.95) or the Dungeon ($99.95), then you’ll also find these items on the previously-mentioned website.

Outer Walls and Other Accessories

Castles to Go with Miniature Warfare

Over on the first page of castle items at Miniature Building Authority you’ll find pieces essential to building your outer perimeter of your castles. From the 7.5 inch-length Gatehouse to the Corner Tower, D Tower, and 45-Degree Tower items to the Town Wall and Inner Curved wall, you’ll find perfect pieces here to craft your castle’s outer walls. The detailed painting creates a wonderfully realistic stone effect. The textures are absolutely spot on; the painting, particularly in the recessed areas of stone, is some of the best you’re ever likely to see. These pieces are significantly cheaper than the aforementioned tower house, though the Gate House will still set you back $74.95.

If all you need are the tiniest of accessories, then the Miniature Building Authority website also carries the accessory-like items to complete your collection. Of particular note are Lean-To set (surprisingly expensive for such small items, at $44.95) as well as the menacing Torture Chamber Set. This torture set is somehow charming in its design in spite of the fact it contains items such as a pointed stool, an Iron Maiden, hot coals, and of course the notorious stretching rack.

Castles to Go with Miniature Warfare

You may conclude that considering the relatively high cost of assembling a full-on castle to your ambitious specifications, you’d be better off heading to a gaming website like and simply tinkering with the various games on there. There’s no substitute for possessing a high-quality miniatures set however, and the Miniature Building Authority page is the best place to start assembling your own custom castle for your war games.