Saga Warfare Review

While many warfare miniatures games have a fairly wide scope, Saga deals almost exclusively with the recreation of a healthy variety of warfare scenarios from the Dark Ages. This brutal time period is represented quite thoroughly by Saga’s comprehensive 74-page rule set, allowing between 2 and 4 players to take to any one of the game’s four playing surfaces with a collection of between 25 to 73 miniatures. It isn’t the most comprehensive ruleset for miniatures out there, but its classification of multiple factions and simple, dice-based combat mechanics make Saga a game well worthy of reviewing. (More ...)

Armati Review

There are few board game titles out there which carry the kind of weight that Armati does in the wargaming community. Though a second edition has long since been released, the original Armati became a standard for many, a standard which set the precedent for Ancient and Medieval wargaming with miniatures. In fact, many wargamers hold Armati and its second edition in such high regard as for it to be considered the best set of miniatures rules for its indicated time period, and this brief review of Armati should merely confirm this fact. (More ...)